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Welcome... and why the hell am I here?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I thought what the hell? I am doing this........ This is a good place to start. Me, likely unshowered, hangin' out on my former patio relaxing and enjoying family, friends and my

dog(s)..... oh, and a beer that did not make the photo.

I was not sure how to begin this so I will tackle this in the same way that I approached this adventure....... by digging right in. First, the burning question....... WTH is she doing?

Answer: this is a culmination of many thoughts/ideas converging at once which resulted in, "Joe, this might sound crazy but......"

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure." - Joseph Campbell

YES!!!! The result is this site, married with social media like Facebook which says a lot if you know me. I am not really a fan of the "bookface" (as my generation will soon be calling it.) BUT - it's a reality and it is how you reach people..... and I definitetly want to reach people. You will find me on twitter as well and Instagram coming soon!

My intent is to simply hope that people will listen. I have no expectations. I just feel strongly compelled to share how I got here and that I am still a work in progress BUT I am happier, more confident, and passionate than I have ever been.

I hope to share many things..... some sneak peeks.... you ready?

- Stories or anecdotes from my journey. These will touch on growing up, "man, if I could do that over," to "I have no regrets" and in between.

- I'll touch on my passions.... family, motherhood, food and nutrition, cooking and wine, animals with an emphasis on DOGS and products I LOVE that meet all my criteria.

- I grew up in a family business and I will always support them first. Nothing changes here. I will do my best to highlight local, independent, entrepreneurs living their dream.

- Laslty - I PROMISE to never make politics a topic of discussion or to judge. This is a work in progress and I WELCOME feedback. I want to kill this!

"In order to kick ass you must first lift up your foot." - Jen Sincero

Lastly - I told my hubs the reason I was doing this was to irritate him. Wait. No. Different chat. The reason I am doing is because I feel fortunate and grateful to have finally done what I call "Connecting the Dots" with my life which lead me here and I am so very grateful.

PS - props to my Indy friend Audrey for her classy photo bomb.

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1 Comment

Hollie Rennell
Hollie Rennell
Feb 23, 2018

Love. Love. Love this!!! I’m all in.

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