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August 26, 2020

In my eternal quest for good health I am always trying new things.... my latest discovery is amazing and most definitely is here for the long term. Mary Ruth Organics Liquid Vitamin and Supplements: There is something for everyone.... literally even the dog.


 - Quite simply it meets all the basic criteria for me: Organic, Vegan, NON-GMO, Plant Based,  Gluten Free and so on....

 -  Liquids are more bio-available than pill/capsules and some studies have shown liquids to have a 97% absorption rate, with capsules at only three percent.

 - Mary Ruth has a great story and it's inspiring. I feel like I have been on the same quest for good health but Mary Ruth was motivated by the tragic and unexpected passing of her brother and father, and her mother's diagnosis of two benign brain tumors. This inspired her to learn how people could use nutrition to live longer, healthier lives. LOVE LOVE that.

 - I love the variety: I use the morning and liquid vitamin, the B12 and Probiotic. My kids take the gummies. I have my eye on adding a few more things into the rotation as well. I will post reviews as I try. 

 - The company has a subscription service that offers discount which I love since supplements can get pricey. Anywhere I can save, I will. 

Bottom line: I feel fantastic. I am sleeping better. Maintaining my energy during the day AND no digestive issues. 

Check it out! Message me for more feedback or details. 

AMR Designs Studio

October 31, 2019

I am in LOVE with these earrings. After finding inspiration in none other than North Carolina,  Ashley of AMR Designs Studios started creating little works of art in the form of earrings. Made of genuine leather and faux leather these beauties are adorable and affordable.


 - It'a all connected. Period. I can't say it enough. Ashley is from my home town in upstate NY and is married to someone I went to high school with. I was referred to her by my best friend of 35 years after she saw my booth and knew I had to have this jewelry.

 - After finding inspiration in a small shop in none other than my 2nd favorite NC town, Wilmington, she came home and started this hobby of jewelry making and BOOM..... AMR Designs Studio was born.

 - The earrings are gorgeous and are created by hand, by Ashley, one at a time. Some are unique and then there are the popular standby's like the classic leather leaf. She is constantly designing and creating new pieces and has created 600+ earrings to date.

Ashley has taken a hobby and grown it into a budding new business. She is a stay at home Momma living her dream. She is #badass and I am thrilled to be able to feature her jewelry here and sell it in my booth. She is entrepreneur at heart like myself and that inspires me.

Ridgeway Soapworks

October 20, 2019

It is truly a special experience when you use the all natural artisan soaps from Ridegway Soapworks.

Owner, Molly, started making soaps as a hobby when she realized she had more soap than her family could actually use..... she took them to Farmer's Markets and BOOM - Ridgeway Soapworks was born.


 - I'll say it again and again. I love a good story and this one hits home as Molly was in the corporate world like myself and she was able to pursue her soap making hobby full time! That's badass. 

 - The soaps are literally works of art and leave your skin soft, moisturized and feeling fabulous. I have tried the Lavender and I am hooked.

 - The bath bombs are for both old and young... my daughter loves FRUIT LOOPS - she was beaming after using this one and has officially ranked this her #1 above all bath bombs she has tried and not just because it has an emoji face. I went for the Lovestruck and OMG. These are a must try.

 - Lastly - it's all natural and cruelty free. 

I love this quote on their website and this pretty sums it up for me.

"Our products are formulated to bring joy, harmony & peace to your life. The world is a glorious place, and every day we have the opportunity to savor every moment."

ONEHOPE Winery and Foundation

March 25, 2018

Put wine together with a great cause and you've got ONEHOPE Wines. I love this organization... they bring people to together to celebrate and service the world. They are exceptional products that inspire people to indulge while doing good. Sign me up!


They started an award winning winery and have since expanded into gourmet coffee, artisan food products and thoughtfully crafted gifts that empower people to better serve the world via everyday actions. A portion of the proceeds from each product go to a specific fully vetted charity.


I first heard of it through an acquaintance in NY who had posted on FB that she was having a wine tasting and a portion of the proceeds would go to the Humane Society and there was this incredible price for a 1/2 case of wine. I ordered and looked deeper into the company and spoke to Alison. Let's just say this one meets my criteria for reals.


I tried some great wine (BTW - loved the Red Blend), I helped a cause close to my heart and supported a "Cause Entrepreneur Officer." Now that's cool. To date ONEHOPE Foundation has made more than $3 million in donations, provided 46,000 people with global health care, 49,000 forever homes for shelter animals, 1.8 million meals for children, 163,000 life-saving vaccines and much more.

Check out ONEHOPE and Alison's website for exclusive pricing, more information, or to order. BE part of the movement!

Meet Monat

February 22, 2018

My first product inspiration is MONAT. Pronounced "MO-NATE." I started using the shampoo and conditioner because a friend mentioned it. Two weeks later I signed up to sell it because I could not stop talking about it. Much to the disdain of many I am sure......


Hair care products that contain natural plant based active botanicals and are made in the USA.


MONAT uses ingredients that are primarily “plant-based” and they DO NOT test on animals. They choose to say NO to sulfates, parabens, phthalates, PEG, DEA/MEA, harmful colors or fragrances. They are cruelty free and 100% vegan. The business opportunity is very unique given it's 1:1 direct/social marketing approach and the company culture is killer.


My hair feels and looks fabulous and it is cleansed of everyday toxins and build up. It looks good and I feel good. BONUS..... As a Market Sponsor I get discounted product and make a little extra cash.


You will learn to understand that I have a hard time spending money on "me." This gem is worth every penny. Check out my online store to check it out and give me a shout if you want to learn more.... about my AMAZING hair. LOL

Red & Goose

March 04, 2018

This product is all about the little's! My sister-in-law, Melissa, started this creative adventure in 2015 and it has exploded and it's easy to understand why. Inspired by her very own little's.... this Mom of 3 works full time and does this on the side. #inspiring


With a background in graphic design she has created the most adorable headbands, newborn hats and leggings all personalized and made to order! They are ridiculously creative and scream cuteness.


They are great gifts, it's personal and very affordable. When you order from Red & Goose you are also supporting a Mompreneur. That I love.


I think this one speaks for itself...... happy Mom's and cute babies.

I encourage you to check out her Esty site. She recently reached 1000 sales. WOW! Get em' while they're hot!

The Infamous Zoodie Hoodie

February 23, 2018

Now this is a great story.... one I will most certainly blog about. For now I present to you the Zoodie Hoodie invented by yours truly. This is the Hoodie every parent will love and pictured here is my daughter wearing the "original" knitted Zoodie.



When my kids were little I found putting jackets and sweatshirts on and off to be a full on wrestling match and getting them to keep it on was another skill I had not acquired.


Easy on and off. Zips from hood down the back. Simply place arms in, pull hood over and zip down. Nice cotton with a little stretch and a pocket in front that kiddos love.


Happy parent, no wrestling, and kids can't take it off!

Check them out on my ETSY SHOP! More to come on this topic........

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