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Landcrafted Food

We are big fans of beef sticks in my house but are very particular about what we buy. While Slim Jim commercials were hilarious and they were fun to eat as a kids, have you ever seen those ingredients lists? Yikes.

We mostly eat grass fed poultry and beef in my house so we look for the same in a beef stick. They must also be nitrate free and low sugar to get my approval.

Landcrafted Beef sticks check all the boxes:

100% frass-fed, no nitrates, gluten free, no added hormones or antibiotics and organic cane sugar and sea salt.


Located just north of me in Independence, VA, the producers at Landcrafted Food are dedicated to sustaining and serving their farms and community. They produce foods that are as good for the land as they are for the people who enjoy them. Their cattle are born and raised on sustainable family farms.

These are a top seller in the both and always in my pantry - the flavor is incredible and most them have zero sugar and come in at about 80 calories a stick. My faves? The Original and Habanero BBQ. 


Trades of Hope

I was introduced to this organization by a wonderful human, Sabrina Key. She had started Trades of Hope business several years ago.


What an incredible organization! The mission of Trades of Hope is to break the cycle of poverty for women and their families around the globe through the creation of jobs and sustainable businesses. They partner with over 20 artisan groups to sell handcrafted jewelry, scarves, bags, home décor and other specialty items. You literally CAN help change the world by shopping with Trades of Hope! 


By purchasing a Trades of Hope product, you are giving a silenced woman a voice and an opportunity to escape the grip of poverty. They are helping women escape the sex trade, slums, sweatshops and extreme poverty by selling their fair trade products. This allows them to put a roof over their head, food on the table and send their children to school to end the cycle of poverty.

Check out their store to see the beautiful artisan works and meet the artisans themselves. Very inspiring!



They say cleaning your nose is just as important as washing your hands. ​

Did you know that your nasal passage has it's own biome just like your gut?

I use a nasal saline spray daily for that reason. When I forget I can tell the difference particularly as an allergy during allergy season.

EUKA sprays are designed to cleanse and protect your body’s nasal biome. They restore balance that supports your immune system. The daily "spritz" is ideal for safe use every day. The spray are isotonic, which means they have a slightly alkaline PH that closely matches the salinity or your body so you don’t get stinging sensations. That is a big deal if you don't love nose sprays.


The EUKA founders are a (married) doctor duo that developed a suite of tools that proactively guard and optimize respiratory wellness every day without the use of potentially toxic ingredients.

I heard their interview on a podcast and ordered their sprays and aromatherapy rollers right away and I still use everyday. Highly recommend!

Bella Zoodie.jpg

The Infamous Zoodie Hoodie

Now this is a great story.... my first truly solo entrepreneurial adventure outside of the corporate world. I present to you the Zoodie Hoodie, invented by yours truly. This is the Hoodie every parent will love and pictured here is my daughter wearing the "original" knitted Zoodie.


When my kids were little I found putting jackets and sweatshirts on and off to be a full on wrestling match and getting them to keep it on was another skill I had not acquired.

This puppy is easy on and off. Zips from the tip of the hood down the back. Simply place arms in, pull hood over and zip down. Nice cotton with a little stretch and a pocket in front that kiddos love.


Happy parent, no wrestling, and kids can't take it off!

This was the my "first" stab at taking an idea and making it happen. These are not a global sensation but I still sell them and they are a staple in my booth at The Cotton Company.


Mary Ruth Organics

In my eternal quest for good health I bumped into these products; Mary Ruth Organics has something for everyone.... even the dog.

 - Quite simply it meets all the basic criteria for me: Organic, Vegan, NON-GMO, Plant Based,  Gluten Free and so on....

 -  Liquids are more bio-available than pill/capsules and some studies have shown liquids to have a 97% absorption rate, with capsules at only three percent.

 - Mary Ruth has a great story and it's inspiring. I feel like I have been on the same quest for good health but Mary Ruth was motivated by the tragic and unexpected passing of her brother and father, and her mother's diagnosis of two benign brain tumors. This inspired her to learn how people could use nutrition to live longer, healthier lives.

 - I love the variety in the product and of course the herbals!

 - The company has a subscription service that offers discounts.

 - I have used the liquid vitamins, liquid probiotics, Lemon Balm and Valerian Tinctures, Immunity, D3, and Kid Multi gummies and lastly - the microdermabrasion facial scrub it a staple for me.

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