A little about me.... in order of priority!

I am the wife of a pretty cool hubby and we live in the Town of Wake Forest, NC. My two children, ages 11 and 9, are full of life and make it is easy to find the joy in everyday. I have three equally unique rescue dogs who we ADORE.

I started this site/blog to share my many passions and what I have learned on this big beautiful journey I am on. I never had the confidence to believe there were others out there that would listen but the last few years have taught me many things. One of which is believe in ME and follow my dreams.

What can you find here?

I'm an entrepreneur at heart so you will find products and topics I am passionate about like - health and wellness, nutrition, dogs, unique businesses, people,  and services. Above all.... things that inspire me and some anecdotes.... my life and lessons learned... stories of my journey.

I also have a local presence where I connect people and products that inspire me. Check out my WHERE TO BUY page.

Please check out my Social accounts for blog updates and to see what is top of mind. I certainly keep it interesting.

I hope you enjoy and my hope is that I inspire some of you along the way and you see how to CONNECT THE DOTS!





My goal here is to connect people and products that inspire us all. As a blogger I have the unique opportunity to share stories and products with my audience, promote businesses and write about topics I am passionate about. You can also find the products I promote locally for sale. 

Sharing. Inspiring. Grateful.

Wake Forest, North Carolina

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