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Imagine your mug full of coffee or tea was always the perfect temperature and stayed that way? Look no further. The Joeveo Temperfect Mug is amazing! No more burnt tongues and lukewarm beverages my friends. Look no further, Dean, inventor had a vision and brought it to life. A true entrepreneurial spirit story. 

These mugs have an extra layer of insulation that quickly absorbs the excess heat from your freshly-brewed coffee/tea and bringing it to a comfortable drinking temperature in minutes. That heat is stored and then used to keep your drink's temperature just right for hours. No batteries of cords, just science!

The mugs were designed and assembled right here in my hometown of Wake Forest, NC. I was able to see where these are produced by this mostly "one man" show and the attention to detail and great care that is given to each mug and packaging is remarkable.

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Leli's Diner

I could go on all day about this Farm to Fork Italian experience in Wake Forest! Owned and operated by Joe and Sarka Leli this unique spot is literally a standby for us.


This local Italian eatery, marketplace and bakery serves contemporary Italian-American cuisine and then some. It is an authentic farm to table experience serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition there new marketplace offers a huge variety of prepared foods, fresh pasta and gelato! 

They buy from local, responsible sources, sustainable growers, and humane farms to ensure their food represents only the very best in quality and taste. 

Sarka, also resident baker, bakes up amazing breads and desserts daily. You will even find some of her authentic Czech desserts in honor of her home country!

They also cater and have online ordering and by eating here you are supporting a hard working family living their dream one plate at a time!

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Hudson & Lee

Nothing I love more than a delicious cocktail, second to my wine of course, but  I don't like the sugary sweet syrups and mixers filled with ingredients that are just not good for you. I am thinking that is exactly what Greta was thinking when she developed these honey simple syrups.

Hudson & Lee has been changing up cocktails since 2016. Greta, a wife and mother of two boys was on a quest to create simple and healthier product options for our grocery shelves. By taking her love of honey to a new level by making her own simple syrups at home she made the very entrepreneurial decision to bottle it and sell it! 


 - ANYTHING that calls for simple syrup? This is a perfect replacement. Lemonade, iced tea, craft cocktails like Mojito, Sangria, Margarita,  and Moscow Mule........ You will find the perfect mixer with this "simple" syrup.


By the way, the inspiration for the name "Hudson & Lee" came from combining her two boys middle names. Love it!


Larry's Coffee

Listen... I don't know Larry but Larry seems pretty damn cool. He's figured out a way to do business responsibly and ethically and he seems to be having a blast while doing it!

Coffee, lots and lots of coffee and tea and cold brew, you name it! This local local Raleigh business is happily committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees — and making the world a better place.

 - 100% of their coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Organic, all slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor.

 - Their  green-o-vated facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize our impact on this awesome planet. Coffee delivered locally is done so in the "Veggie Bus," a school bus converted to run on vegetable oil. Seriously.

 - Let's talk about the coffee... there is something for everyone. Including several "coffee's for a cause" that benefit local organizations and charities.

Well done Larry and team!


Rose Trail Images

Meet Rose Trail Images and the passionate, beautiful, talented woman behind the camera..... Audrey. This special human  is a dear friend and a brilliant photographer that has built a very successful local business in a short period of time. She inspires.

Rose Trail Images does professional photography not limited to.... Family pics, Pet pics, Newborn Pics, Special Events and Weddings, Head Shots and Boudoir (VA VA VOOM!)


Yes, I'm biased in that Audrey is my friend. But I also know talent when I see it. Her photography are works of art. She has a eye for this and her presence behind the camera is like nothing I have experienced.... her ability to make you feel at ease and be yourself is remarkable. She specializes in sessions that are more care-free, authentic, and less stressful. The result? Beautiful candid photo's that capture REAL and special moments that you will treasure forever. 


WildWeed Gardens

This NEW local fave has me super excited. I have become extremely interested in gardening in the last year. I was never a big fan of it, but I have more time and now a deeper appreciation for it, for so many reasons. I ran into this gem at the local Farmers Market and knew I had to start selling these in the booth.


Wildweed Gardens was started by Arden and Ivana (#badassentrepreneurs) who moved into their first home together and realized there was so much to learn about starting a home food garden! After weeks of research and mentorship, their garden was bursting with bright colors, sweet smells, and the pleasant buzz of nature. They founded Wildweeds to help aspiring gardeners learn to successfully grow their own food.


I think a good deal about my children’s future and have really started to educate myself on the environment, our (humans) impact, and what we can do about it. And YES – I do believe every little thing counts. If we all do something, even it little, the cumulative affect does have impact. And I am not talking about ditching your plastic straws. That one drives me crazy. (for a later date/blog). Wildweeds kits emphasize NATIVE species that benefit our local ecosystem. The seed varieties are handpicked for the region you live. LOVE THIS!

Stop by the booth and check out these 5-star rated Gardening Kits. They are beginner-friendly, packed with information and expertly curated to your unique region. They remove the guesswork to ensure a great tasting, easy growing, ecologically sustainable garden. I wish I had this when I got started. I had no idea what I was doing!

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Rising Smoke Sauceworks

Great product. Great Story. From growing peppers in a window box outside his apartment in NY to mass producing unique and flavorful hot sauces that most certainly bring the heat..... Mike is just a guy living his dream of developing hot sauces from his own NC garden and now sharing it with the world.


Their MANTRA.....When it comes to peppers, they believe you should smoke’ em if you got ‘em! But, if you don’t, well that’s cool, too. They have developed many different tasty and delightful ways to punish and please your tongue. Find your favorite flavor, and start to savor.


It's local, it's unique and it's another example of the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well. I have never been a hot sauce girl but I have tried several and they are staple in our home. Smoldering Embers is the Hubs fave!


​Mike, is on to something here and I for one am inspired! He is living his dream one pepper at a time.  In his words.... "I have always heard that when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  After the hours and travel I put in for my “day job," I come home and pack up sauces for shipments and work weekends at festivals and can honestly say it doesn’t feel like work.  It truly is a passion."


​Well done. That's pretty #BADASS


Without a Trace Foods

Healthy gluten and dairy free snacks are hard to find. Often removing something means it is filled with other junk and the almighty sugar. How thrilled was I when my husband found this local gem!


Without a Trace was right in our backyard here Raleigh, NC. I love me some local and I love a good story. Brooke and Matt Trace started this family business with the goal of creating products that are allergen free but do not sacrifice taste. They have personal experience with finding foods safe for kids with allergies. They get it.

My hubs and I do not have a allergies but avoid gluten and dairy as a dietary choice. I quickly ordered the snack box to try everything!

I am totally impressed. They have managed to use all real ingredients, avoid the top 8 allergens and these snacks taste AMAZING! A mix of sweet and savory snacks that have me going back for me and I am not feeling guilty. 

My faves are the Strawberry Surprise Granola Bar and the Apple-Cinna Monster Power Bites. Yummmmmmm. They have a convenient subscribe and save box that comes monthly. Love that. 

All of the awesome. None of the compromise. Click the pic and check them out!

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