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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This is my desk that on any given day can look like this. Yesterday, I found myself digging through my growing stack of books looking for something specific on a particular hormone and realized that my once "budding interest" has evolved into a full blown obsession! I read so many books on nutrition, our food, and the human body I have started notebooks filled with notes to try and retain the important stuff. It doesn't stop there.... I listen to podcasts and watch documentaries when I can squeeze them in. All of this "stuff" just really truly interests me. If I had to do over I would pursue a career in this, no question. I am pushing 50, so for now I will self educate for my own joy and benefit and of course share what I learn with my family and friends. The ones that are interested at least.😉

I Iove that I have the ability to share my experiences on here as well. I looked back on a series of blogs I did in 2020 call the The Sequel Series which was super fun to write and got a pretty good response. I have been dabbling in understanding nutrition and the human body for probably the better part of a decade, seriously anyway, but that series was around the time it really started to all come together.

I have gained so much more insight since then but the basic principles of what I wrote about are still spot on. About what works and what doesn't work, for me. What it all comes down to is: if we abuse our bodies and do not give it what it needs to be healthy and thrive, if we do not treat it with the respect it deserves, then the dots just don't seem to connect - physically and emotionally. It's not just about what we put in our bodies but also in our minds. The mind/body connection fascinates me.

I am so inspired by the countless bloggers that are so much better at this than me. They put out so much amazing content. They have the same underlying passion and many of these women are doing this full time and making a living. That is badass. (To be fair, I do have a full time career and this is a hobby/side gig.😉) What I draw from many of these women is how to make life count. How to make good decisions for your family when it comes to food, nutrition and overall wellness. How to find balance and not get lost in the "everything is bad for you" state of mind. How to become more food independent at home, and trying new things like gardening and making bread. How to just enjoy the crap out of it all!

Seeing new recipes is what gets me most excited. I love seeing something new and putting my own twist on it. I love finding ways to incorporate new ingredients or spices I never thought of using. With three members of my household being gluten free and mostly dairy free, I am ALWAYS looking for new ways keep it interesting. I never run out of new recipes or ideas to try. That is how much content is out there.

I plan to be writing more on these topics and sharing my experiences. I would love to hear if there are any specific things I am doing that ya'll would like to hear more about? The last two years gave us all a little extra time at home and with that came new habits and hobbies. I have so many things I am doing, practicing, cooking, trying, balancing, and whether good or bad results a lot of it is worth sharing. So many lessons learned and so many perspectives gained!

I will not give up on writing about anxiety. It's how this started and it is forever present in my life. I still embrace it. The good and the bad. One connection I have made recently is that cooking/baking is like therapy for me. Sometimes I am exhausted and bit stressed or anxious at the end of a long day and digging in to a new recipe or baking something yummy for the family draws me right back in to what is important. For that I am so grateful.

Health is adding intention to every area of your life.

- Miranda Anderson

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