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Where's the Beef? (THE SEQUEL)

Over a year ago I blogged about my nutrition obsession. So much has happened since then I thought it would be time to dig it out and break out THE SEQUEL!

Here's the original if you need a refresher:

First, the vegetarian experience was so positive for me for a variety of reasons. It forced me to try new things, cook new ways, and in other ways, simplify. When I cooked dinner for the family I would often cook 3-4 items. Veggie or two, protein, bread etc…. What I realized over time is it was too much! It’s one thing when you are entertaining but for regular weeknight meals I didn’t need to be killing myself and I find it only lends itself to over eating.

All that said – I found myself eating more carbs…. Lots of carbs. I like to eat carbs but I’m 45 now. I really have to watch what I eat. I miss my 20 year old body. LOL. So we slowly transitioned away from 100% vegetarian. My focus is still there and I do like a few meat substitutes but I do a good deal of fish and meat protein probably twice a week. I am very particular about what meat. More to come on that.

So I recently had a conversation about my nutrition journey with a friend and realized that after years of reading, researching, and trying things out it had armed me with tons of information and I started to share a good deal of that with her. I got thinking, why not share it here? Seems if it would be useful for others to take what I have learned, why not. It’s a subject I am passionate about. I love talking about it. Ask my hubs.

So I am going to start a series of blogs that cover off on topics like:

- Meats and Seafood

- Fruits and Veggies

- Grains

- Dairy

- Alcohol

- Sugar

- Personal Beauty/Health Products

- Pet Food

DISCLAIMER: I do this because I love it. I share it because I can. I am not a doctor. I’m not a nutrition expert. I’m not the FOOD BABE and I don’t have an ARMY. Nutrition and your health has everything to do with how YOU feel. It’s not one size fits all. I’ve spent years reading and tweaking and found what works for ME. If any of you can benefit from just one tiny piece of what I have learned, then it’s worth writing about it! Selfishly - I enjoy writing about it so I guess we all win?

The most important lesson I have learned is I must be responsible for knowing what I put in my body. I mean REALLY know and it is more than reading labels. We unfortunately live in a time where the government and organizations like the FDA are more concerned with special interests than public health. There are some days I wished I didn’t know so much because it is alarming and sometimes downright scary. We are not eating the same food our parents did. I try and find balance between living in fear of every of choice and picking and choosing which ones are important to me and my family. If I believe every single thing I read and put a change in place every time, I'd be living in a bubble by now. I’ve been doing this for years ……. I did not flick a switch…. Baby steps ya'll. Baby steps.

Please share feedback as I write and PLEASE share your experiences… I would love to hear them! If there are any topics you want me to cover, suggest away, if I have nothing to share, trust me, I won’t make it up. Questions? Bring it. You can leave comment on here, FB or Insta.

Up first….. Meat and Seafood. Coming soon!


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