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Make The Time

So I am beating up on myself a bit because to say that my life has been anything less than overwhelming and crazy would be understatement. So for weeks I have had blog posts developing in my head and I keep saying (to anyone who will listen) that I just have not had time and can’t seem to get finger to keypad to make it happen.

Weak. Very weak excuses. MAKE. THE. TIME.

So that is what I am doing right now and I will start with addressing my lack of making time for me. Because that is what writing for my blog is. Me time. My outlet. I sooooooooooo enjoy it. So WHY WHY WHY am I not making more time for it?

With that said this blog post is really about just that. Making the time for things that are important to you even when life gets crazy. Furthermore even you have a crappy day or week if you find yourself complaining more than usual that you did not do that “one thing.” You have only yourself to blame. Oh yeah – I said it. We make choices every day. I am making a choice right now to stop doing yard work and laundry. Put on some Sara Bareilles and bang on my key board for a bit.

I often try to find tricks to remind myself of what is important and what is good. I have tricks I use – usually it’s internal conversation….

“If you don’t do that now, will the world come to an end?”

“No – I don’t feeling like playing a board with my kids right now and they won’t grow up and end up in jail because I didn’t play with them enough.”

“Stay Positive”

“Find the good in something everyday.”

“Deep Breaths…. 123 in, 123 out.”

I could go on forever. My point? Everyone has their tricks and if you don’t, get them! Case in point – enter my spirit friend Audrey….. she went so far as to get a kick ass tattoo that she could literally look at when she is having a moment or needs to draw herself back to the GOOD!!

Special thanks to Audrey for letting me share this and ALWAYS inspiring me!

FOCUS ON THE GOOD. Boom. No better message! What a killer way to remind yourself. The ultimate “trick.” Now… my tattoo days are over thanks to an inflated Tweety bird on my stomach. (That’s a story

for another day.) BUT – if I were to get a tattoo again I would TOTALLY get THAT tattoo.

Instead I’ll go conservative and put a post it note on my desk. Yes – clearly I like to live life on the edge.

So – off you go… go do something for you and find the good. Thanks for spending the time to read another BLOG! I appreciate each and every on of you that take the time to follow and read. You are GOOD, you inspire me. Thank you Audrey for letting me share your TAT and always inspiring me as well!

I'll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors.......

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