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The Seventh Month

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

So we entered July 2020 and to be honest it does not feel much different than June did? Except for celebrating our countries birth it really feels the same with the exception of the heat and humidity here in NC. Am I right?

As we enter the "Dog Days" of summer...... You can't go outside without intsantly sweating. I prefer the heat of summer over winter but you really tend to forgot how hot is gets here in NC.

What struck today me was my horoscope for July, which I do not normally even read:

"Be prepared for a not particularly easy month.   Try not to force any issues which might be in the least controversial – especially at work.  You’re likely to come up against a brick wall if you do – that is until the 12th when Mercury will stop working against you."

Wait? What? Come again?

I mean, can a girl not get a break?

I am not buying what that horoscope is selling! In case you didn't notice we are dealing with this pesty pandemic. March - June was filled with ALOT of being home, family time, yard work, Netlfix and Hulu, meal planning=take-out, and lots of wine. (I prefer Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio for anyone looking to make donations.) I would like to think I have mastered at least 50% of the new normal. We have found a good routine and rythmn here in my house for the most part, so July is NOT going to be easy? Just stop.

In all seriousness we have truly settled into a routine and rythmn around here and everyone still has some of their sanity. Most days are good. We all have our moments, which we do not speak of outside the home. For reals. LOL. We know now, we are in this for the long term and hands down my #1 challenge has been the monotony of the day to day. Weekdays in particular are hardest for me. So that brings me back to July - my goal for July is do more to "break" the monotony. I wonder what ya'll do to keep it interesting? Here are some of the things I have started doing and/or plan to do:

  • Have breakfast, lunch, coffee, whatever, with a friend. Sit ouside and chat it up face to face for an hour. I did this a week or so ago and it was AMAZING. I realized how much I missed the physical interaction. We vented, we laughed.... Bliss.

  • Read instead of watching TV. Damn The HandMaids Tale... I was addicted!

  • Walk in the evening instead of my "regular" morning, or do both. Seems small but breaks up my evening.

  • Grab a last minute dinner out with hubs. Did this last night.... was a wonderful mid week break and we have a few restaurants that are doing outdoor dining. Perfect!

  • Spend more time writing and focusing on Connecting the Dots retail space, promote local and small business entrepreneurs. This is what inspires and energizes me.

  • Do more "do your own thing night." That is a night where I don't cook or care what anyone eats. Boom!

Just a few, but enough to make me NOT feel like I am in a bad sequel of Groundhogs Day. I WOULD LOVE to hear from you, what do you do to keep it interesting or maintain your sanity?

I've been doing more writing so you will see more from me. We start back to school on July 20th so stayed tuned for "SCHOOL IN 2020" updates here from NC!

Practice kindess and compassion and hang in there ya'll!

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