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Keepin' it Simple

In my BLOG, Where’s the Beef, I mentioned simplifying…. “I love simpler, simplify is another new motto for me.”

This could not be truer for me lately. This past weekend I joked with a friend I had over for brunch. When we were planning brunch we found ourselves over-complicating and over-thinking what we were going to eat. It was hysterical. What we settled on was awesome and we had a great time. BUT - It would have been great even if we just had bagels and fruit from the grocery store (well and let's not forget the Mimosa's). It was about our two families getting together to celebrate and catch up.

Now to be fair to me this is not the best example because I love to cook and eat. So there is joy in entertaining and cooking food for me. I don’t mind the work. I joked with her because I am so much more aware of when I do over-complicate because it's something I am trying to be more cognizant of. Once you have an awareness.... it can be down right funny how silly it is.

I found I was making things more difficult for myself when I didn’t need to. When I did I became overwhelmed my good old buddy GAD would usually rear it's ugly head and then I was spinning in an anxiety tornado. For what?

I made some adjustments in the last year that have been small but overall have given me so much freedom. I talked in another blog about connecting the dots and simplifying in the kitchen. That was huge. I don’t overthink dinner. If I didn’t get to the grocery store, and I have nothing planned, and there are no leftovers – we go out or do take out. Simple. Old me used to agonize all day about what was for dinner. Do I have time to get to the store? Prep it in between drop off and pickups? Exhausting. And no one really cares. This is what that really hit me…. If I am the only one who cares why I am killing myself? Do I need to spend a Sunday afternoon shopping and planning meals for the week? For the love of all that is holy………. NO!!!!

Kids – I used to exhaust myself thinking about the homework and activities ahead for the week. Now I take it day to day. We wake up in the morning and look at our family calendar – assign who drives who where and we move on. With the hubs travelling a lot it's all on me often and if I can't get someone to a practice because it overlaps with another pick up, then they don’t go. The world will not come to an end. Make a plan, keep it simple. Stick to it.

Overthinking in general can get you into so much trouble and stall forward movement. One thing we have always been good at as a couple is decision making in general…. We don’t typically agonize. We go with the gut and pull the trigger. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Live and learn! I have taken that and translated into every day. This strategy made its way to the to do list. I always keep a list because my memory stinks so if it’s not written down and someone is not reminding me…. Well it’s likely no going to happen. Now my list sits on my desk and when I knock something off - great. If I don’t get to it. That’s ok too. I simplified how I attack the list and I don’t agonize about the order in which to attack and how will I get it all done? Prioritize it and take it a step at a time.

Like with everything else it is a work in progress but I am headed in the right direction and I feel like it makes for a more relaxed environment in the home too. I would like to think the kids “feel it” as we are simply moving from one thing the next with ease and not stressing. A lot of this all boils down to “surrendering” which I am going to cover in a future blog. Stay tuned my friends!

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