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Goodbye Multi-Tasking

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I was torn about what to write about today. Ironically, I have several things on my mind lately but decided after the last few weeks I have had, it was time to cover the topic of MULTI-TASKING. So, first, Joe took a new job and is away WAY more than he used to be. Kids and I are holding it down just fine. We miss him more than anything. It has definitely forced me to tackle managing things on my own for longer periods of time. Turns out this was a good test for how I currently attack my day to day.

Several months ago I had another one of my epiphanies. The target was multi-tasking. I used to PRIDE myself on being a multi-tasker. A Master of Tasking…. I can do it all at once. I rock.

Just. Stop.

Sure, I was getting a lot done at once and giving myself a good old pat on the back for how AMAZING my multi-tasking skills were but what I realized was that I was not giving 100% of myself to anything. I was not at ALL efficient. I found myself just going through the motions of getting it done and cheering myself on as I checked things off the list.


If you are not focused on any given task you are simply not giving it your best and you are most certainly not finding the joy in it. I literally force myself to stay focused on a task before I move to the next. Sometimes that means I have to tell the kids or Joe to “wait” until I am done. This requires patience on their part.

I still find I have moments where I get distracted and get pulled away. I work hard to resist the urge and don’t beat myself up if I find I was doing homework with one kid and suddenly I am emptying the dishwasher and asking the other kid if they studied for their test while feeding the dogs. It’s a learning curve. I am getting better at it every day and there is so much freedom in it. It’s less clutter in my mind and it helps with my anxiety. All those items on the TO DO list? They are not going anywhere and if they are still on the list tomorrow the world will not come to an end. For reals.

As it turned out, a side benefit is that it is helping with my mental clarity. You see, I have what Joe calls, "memory issues." Eek. I tell stories multiple times and have no idea what I wore yesterday. It drives Joe crazy. BUT..... When I focus and give my full attention to each task my mind stays clear and in the moment. This is huge for me. I’m actually LIVING. I did not expect that but it motivates me to keep trying.

I like to think my kids have noticed the difference too. I am less irritable and “rushing” through tasks and it gives them the time and attention they need. Everybody wins!

I encourage you to give it a try. Baby steps…. Start by learning to say NO in your head when the next task pops up and you find yourself moving away. Say NO to someone who is asking you do to something NOW when your busy doing something already. It can wait and they will be better for it. At the end of the day you might actually start to enjoy all of life’s mundane tasks!!

Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.”

- Buddha

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Mar 18, 2018

I’m going to give it a try. This I know won’t be an easy task because I am the queen of multitasking! Looking forward to success. Thanks again for some excellent advice.

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