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Finding Inspiration Part 2 - The Ketchup Packet

Oh, your going to enjoy this one. Promise.

I wrote a blog in January 2019 about Finding Inspiration, you can find it here if you need a refresh, CLICK HERE

Nothing has changed for me since then. I still feel it all around me. What has changed is I have definitely improved my ability to embrace it. The hubs might say maybe a little too much!

I was inspired to write a Part 2 because I had breakfast yesterday with that same "spirit friend." We were in our same spot. Catching up like we always do and it astounds me how much inspiration I draw from her. She is a force. A spiritual force some might say. I felt compelled to write about it again for a few reasons....

  • Her "simple act" at breakfast blew me away.

  • It connected to a discussion with another friend earlier in the week about "showing up."

  • She is going through a bit of a tough time and I think she needs a reminder about the warrior that she is. She is easily one of the best humans I know.

I am connecting a FEW dots here so bear with me.

Inspiration can come from anywhere...... A feeling, an act of kindness, nature, another human, a work of art, sometimes even bad news or a tragedy. The list is endless. Where it comes from is kind of irrelevant but what I do know is you can't LOOK for it. As least I can't. I was reading an article on Finding Inspiration and it said this.... "inspiration comes from action, not waiting for inspiration to strike, then taking action.

I disagree. It does require action. No doubt. It was when I took action it all came together for me. However, I did not feel like I was waiting for it either. Sometimes it does just strike. Sometimes it is when you least expect it. It's the nudge you needed to take action. A feeling you got in your gut that said, GO DO THIS!

Now, back to breakfast..... we did our usual and ordered at the counter. New normal.... the counter is now a window with a plexi glass shield and we were all wearing masks trying to understand each other's new "mask language." Hilarious. Full disclosure. I got the same omelette filled with veggies, no toast, and a coconut milk latte. While Audrey ordered her usual, I went to our usual outdoor table. Yes, we are creatures of habit.

We chatted away and our food came and I went to dig in and realized I needed ketchup. An omelette without ketchup? Nonsense! I went to get up and ask for ketchup and Audrey quickly stopped me as she realized when I ordered I forgot to ask for it. What did she do? She asked for it with her order knowing I would need it.

Yes. A ridiculously simple act of kindness. But hands down one of the most thoughtful things anyone has done for me. Think about that? I literally sat there blown away because this is HUGE for me. I am big on simple acts of kindness. It is so easy to take a second to think about someone other than yourself and yet we all struggle with it. It's a shame because the impact it has is invaluable. You can make someones day, cheer them up, make them feel better about themselves, you can INSPIRE them.

That is what that darn ketchup packet did. Inspired me. Audrey SHOWED UP for me. She always does and I strive to do the same for her. That brings to my last "dot." ( I mean, this BLOG is called Connecting the Dots? I love me some connecting.)

SHOWING UP is one of the single most important things we can do for our friends and family AND for ourselves. Just be there. Whether it be as simple as a packet of ketchup, a shoulder to cry on, or an act of service. SHOWING up for each other means everything. We know we are loved, we know we are supported without judgement, and it feels good!


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