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Christmas in November?

Like me, I assume you are hearing and seeing the sounding of the alarms globally on every media/social site and news channel. It's as if the Grinch is really about to steal Christmas and the "Grinch" is the pandemic and Santa's sleigh is the US Supply Chain? I mean..... is an apocalypse near? Does it have you feeling like..........

First - chill. We are all going to be ok. If this is the worst thing to happen to us in November we are doing ok. Now, for a little background....

It appears most experts point to logistics capacity problems at US ports BEFORE the pandemic. Same old story with anything government run: decades old challenges with infrastructure and processes, lack of investment/time so now said "challenges" have become critical and are hitting us head on. Enter the pandemic and consumer demand goes up (everyone is ordering everything online) now add the staffing shortages to boot. Perfect storm. So - yes, the challenges are real. Is it as doom and gloom as they say? I am not sold on that yet. But - just my opinion.

The good news.... I have a solution. It requires leaving the house and a short drive, but I promise you it will not disappoint.




There are shops in small town USA busting at the seams with inventory. Someone painstakingly took their time to fill their store with amazing finds!!! I am out there weekly and trust me, these stores are stocked and ready to go. Many will even wrap your gifts for you! YES please!

Now, I am realist. You are still going to shop online. It's 2020. I already have some things in my Amazon cart I can not find locally. But why not spread the cheer? You will be surprised at what you will find. Fun, thoughtful gifts that you hand selected IN PERSON. Gifts that will delight their recipients and benefit your local community, neighbors, family and friends. Don't forget services.... gift certificates are at the ready at all your favorite restaurants and spas!

Everybody wins. I like winning.

As most of you know I have a small retail booth space in downtown Wake Forest at The Cotton Company. I need to give credit where credit is due. So many of you are already shopping local. Business is booming here and it so encouraging and gratifying. This is a hobby for me but for most it is a livelihood. You have NO IDEA how much it means to those small business owners. It is everything. So I thank all of you on their behalf. So keep up the good work! We appreciate all of it!

(If you missed this BLOG: THANKS MOM, check it out for my back story and why small business is near and dear to my heart.)

For my local peeps..... Wake Forest has soooooo much to offer. I love it all!!

Check it ALL OUT. Here is a list of some of my favorite shops, in no particular order.

The Cotton Company - DUH - the obvious.

This space is filled with individual vendors and is busting with amazing gifts and goods. You can browse forever and find every price point. The staff is kind and helpful!

We are a family of readers and we like it old school. No kindles up in here. This is hands down one of my favorite stops. Owner, Sue and staff (I swear) have read every book that exists and their recommendations are spot on. And... you can grab a cocktail while browsing. Yes please.

A staple stop on any trip downtown. Specializing in NC made foods and local art. My kids LOVE getting the old school bottle of soda (Pop) when we stop in.

CANDY!! So much candy. Retro and new candy, truffles and customized gift baskets. We have been shopping here since they opened. Darlene (owner) has created a nostalgic atmosphere that is so fun. Did someone say stocking stuffers?

This is a new and amazing addition to downtown. My daughter and I went in last week and fell in love with the selection of clothing and accessories. When middle aged Mom and teen daughter can both find things they love in one place..... it's a major score. The price points are fantastic.

This one is off the beaten path but worth the short trip. This stop has unique gifts and accessories and beautiful décor for the home. I feel like I can browse forever. So much to look at in a small space and never leave empty handed..... also located in a beautiful historical looking home. So quaint!

My list could go on forever but these are my current GO TO's.

Time to pay it forward..... now get out and shop, share this blog, tag a friend, make a date with a friend or family member to go shopping together..... and have a wonder holiday shopping season!!!!

May the Holiday Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones.

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