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Thanks Mom.

As I approach the launch of my retail space this week I am filled with excitement and inspiration. I am driving my family crazy talking about it all. I am getting a lot of questions about what I am doing, selling, etc….

I have given this a lot of thought and it has morphed over time. In short…. I am connecting people and products that inspire.

I consider myself an entrepreneurial spirit. Always have been. I grew up in a retail business and found myself in sales in my early twenties and have been there ever since. Looking back, working in the family business laid the ground work for me in business. I have always been a disciplined worker so that was easy to embrace but being a part of something bigger, like that retail business, that my Mom took so much pride in. Seeing that. Contributing to that. Having an impact on it personally meant so much. Did I realize it then? Of course not. I was a stupid teenager. LOL.

Growing up gives us so much perspective and I made the connection to those experiences this past weekend. My Mom was here for a visit and she helped me mock up my space and provided so much feedback and support. It was so helpful and infectious to have someone as excited as me about all this. Mind you, this is a hobby. I work full time. So the help…. even just mentally to talk through things was FABULOUS. Sometimes there is not enough space in my head for it all. I am sure many of you can relate.

So – I wanted to thank my Mom for being my original entrepreneurial inspiration and for providing me the foundation for being the entrepreneur, professional, hard worker and idea maker that I am today! She is still working hard and has an incredible business that she has built for over nearly 30 years now. Very inspiring.

MY GOAL here is to promote and help others like me that have an idea that they dream about and one day they wake up and decide to dream no more but to actually DO something about it…. or as author, Jen Sincero, so eloquently puts it…. being a BADASS. If I can support them, the way my Mom, my family and others have supported me...... then I will be inspired and grateful.

Mom – you’re a BADASS. Thanks for all your guidance and support. Appreciate it more than this blog can say.

If you know anyone that has an idea or a dream and is doing something about it. Please send them my way!

My Mom's storefront located on the historic Main Street of Chatham, NY.

Original newspaper article from 1990. Brown's has called Main Street home since 1920.

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