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There's No Place Like Home

We are spending an unprecedented amount of time at home since Captain COVID came to town. As I am sure ya'll can relate, some days it makes you crazy!! However, most of the time I have to say I am enjoying it. The here and now is all there is so why not make the most if it, right?

We built our home over 4 years ago. After looking at what felt like a million resales, we settled on building a home to get exactly what we wanted. We LOVE our home.... we wanted big, we wanted guest rooms, offices and plenty of space for kids and friends. We went all in.

Moving in was daunting. I had a so much pace to fill and not quite sure how best to tackle it. I never considered myself to have a "good eye" when it comes to decorating and design. I have never really been that interested or passionate about it if I am honest. My last house, looking back, was a designers worst nightmare. OMG. My daughter to this day asks me why our living room was orange. For reals. Orange. Add that to my list of regrets.

Over time though I learned to appreciate it and get better at it. My home is still a work in progress but I take some much pride in it and I have stepped up my game. I think? Since we locked down in March I started to pick up projects and decorating changes I have had on my to do list since we moved. I now have the time and the desire to do it. We want to be comfortable, happy, and enjoy our space since we spend so much damn time here. Am I right?

So I became thrifty and started picking up pieces on Facebook Marketplace and local Buy/Sell/Trades. I started selling on there as well. In with the "kinda" new and out with the old.

More importantly I asked for help. I have great neighbors who have the infamous "eye" we speak of. They offer candid feedback and suggestions. One (Robin) in particular has a passion for decorating and it comes so natural it's insane. It's insane to me because it is not at all natural for me. I have to try hard. Like, high school math, try hard.

Example: I have been agonizing on a new rug for our living room area for months. Maybe longer? So I randomly asked my talented neighbor, Robin to see what she thought. I shit you not.... in less than 5 minutes I had a rug suggestion sent to my phone and it was totally my style. I LOVED it and I ordered it. Boom! She also encouraged me to go bigger which I typically would not have done.

And so here it is.... along with a my Beagle, Boone. He is a super cute prop!

It sounds hokie but I got the new rug, moved some furniture around and we all feel like we got a whole new space. We love being in it and it makes me smile. I am super grateful to Robin for taking the time and being so willing to help. I'm not done with her yet! She has inspired me to keep moving on to other projects in the house!

If you have the decorating "bug" like I do, I strongly recommend you check out Robin's blog:

"Find Me On The Porch"

In her free time you can literally find her on her porch. Why? Well - it's a dream porch!! Absolutely gorgeous, and so welcoming. I would live on it. Am I right? (Pictured below)

You can also follow her on INSTA: @robinwarx_findmeontheporch

Working on any projects in your home?? Share and if you are looking for inspiration check out FIND ME ON THE PORCH!!

Happy decorating my friends!

You can also follow her on INSTA: @robinwarx_findmeontheporch

Working on any projects in your home?? Share and if you are looking for inspiration check out FIND ME ON THE PORCH!!

Happy decorating my friends!


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