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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Tuesday, I arrived back from home from three days at my favorite beach spot for Easter. It reminded me of the importance of a good “recharge” for both your mind and body.

For me this typically requires a change of scenery. My first choice is Wrightsville Beach because it is not only a change of scenery but also feels like home.

We often get caught up in the day to day and I am not sure about you….. but time sure seems to be flying. Packing up the family and heading out of town for a few days allows me to reset and get some perspective. I think that we, far too often, overlook this.

I had the ability to relax, spend time with family, play with my kids and just BE. This allows me to reflect on my life…. What is stressing me out? What is triggering my anxiety the most? Are there changes I can make? And more importantly, what I am grateful for?

On our drive home I got thinking about what it is about the beach that gives me this clarity? Why can’t I achieve this at home on my screened porch on a breezy spring day? That afternoon I read an article posted on Facebook that caught my eye and was like BOOM! That’s it! It discussed “blue space” and that incredible feeling of peace and calmness that you experience when at the beach.

“When you notice how relaxed you feel at the beach, it’s not just all in your head. Science says that it’s a change in the way your brain reacts to its environment leaving you feeling happy, relaxed and re-energized.”

This is it. That is EXACTLY how I felt on the way home… happy, relaxed and re-energized. Ready to conquer the world.

The moral to my story is two things: I am committing to doing these mini beach getaways more often for both myself and my loves. Second.... I encourage ya'll to find your happy place and when life is getting overwhelming… go there. Embrace it and recharge!

You can read the whole article here: http://mysticalraven.com/health/9646/neuroscientists-strongly-recommend-that-you-visit-the-beach-regularly-heres-why

I leave you with the most adorable pick of the cute duck family we met on our way out town... wait for it.... in the Starbucks parking lot? Hysterical. So awesome to see.

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