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That time of year....

Summer winds down and you start gearing up for sweaters and boots, pumpkin everything, and we kick off the holiday season with Halloween and slide right into Thanksgiving.

I feel like this is when you start to reflect on the year, at least I do. So much change this year... some challenges, some triumphs, some loss. But - that's what it's all about right? I can't help but be so incredibly grateful for all of it. Most days around here we are super busy but we almost always have fun. Our house is filled with laughter. The hubs and I make a point of it, it's how this family rolls. Even on the bad days we figure out a way to make each other laugh.

Right now - I have four girls upstairs laughing hysterically as they try on my daughters clothes and play house. This warms my heart. We built this house two years ago this past June. A project I will never repeat mind you, but we built the house of our dreams. Yes - I did the gourmet kitchen and we got the extra big master and let's not forget the basement.... a treasure here in the south. Most of all though, we built this house with the hopes that our children would want to be here. Hanging with us, hanging with their friends and making memories. That is exactly what it has become. It's such a blessing.

As my first pot of sauce and meatballs of the season is simmering on the stove and the dogs sleep lazily in the sun on the back porch I literally feel myself smiling and being thankful for it all. I do not intend to ever take it for granted. There are so many not as fortunate as me. I know that. I think about that and do what I can. I teach my kids to be aware of it and help where they can. But I won't apologize for it either. Every choice, every tough decision, my determination.... it all led here. The good, the bad.... I'm here and doing it with best damn people on the planet.

Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday and so many more to come. Every day is gift ya'll!!

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