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Surviving the Holidays

It's been a while since I have been on here and that is not for a lack of content. So much of it swirling around in my head but just a matter of taking the time to get it down!

Thanksgiving was here and gone in a flash it seemed. I adore Thanksgiving and I had my in-laws in town AND my mother for a few days as well. So fun to be together. Besides the big old turkey, the highlight of the week was that my daughter starred in her musical theater class production of The Jungle Book, as Mowgli. She was incredible. It blew us all away. My daughter has always been super shy and quiet and seeing her on stage singing, dancing, acting with CONFIDENCE was something I will never forget.

Then, before I knew it, it was December, am I right? So begins the hustle and bustle of prepping for Christmas. I began to feel overwhelmed but I try to reflect on everything I have learned in the last 5 years about myself, managing anxiety, managing stress and I CHOSE to make a conscious effort to not be overwhelmed.

Now - if I am honest, initially it felt like I gave myself something else to manage. "A little ironic, don't you think?"

It is really simple if you don't overthink it..... so here is how I am doing it. Because gosh darn it, I am going to enjoy the holiday season!

It means saying NO and not feeling bad about it or needing 100 excuses.

It means NOT doing Christmas cards this year. I did not get a family pic done and I considered going old school and then said...... Is anyone going to die if I don't send them a card?

It means, while I would love to bring back our Christmas Party Shindig we used to do....... nope. Too much work, way too much work. Instead - ask friends over for a drink and an app on a whim when you find some downtime.

It means shopping online. Yes - I love me some amazon. I hate the mall. Hate it. Quite frankly I am not a huge fan of shopping in general and I feel strongly about supporting local businesses. So, I spread my shopping between online and local. We have so many cute shops locally.... including my own booth at The Cotton Company! It makes you feel good when you are buying local and supporting local. #shoplocal #shopsmall

It means ASKING FOR HELP. Yes - I literally assigned tasks to my hubs, much to his disdain. But he is handing it like a champ so far and NOT procrastinating. Ohhhh does he love to procrastinate and it drives me crazy. So fingers crossed ya'll. He's helping, he's really helping!!

It means not going crazy and over doing teacher gifts and a gift for every Tom, Dick, or Harry that has served me in some capacity in the last year. That might sound ungrateful but it's not. I am a very giving and generous person ALL year. That means something. I have a few professionals in my life that I am close with and I am eternally grateful for...... so I usually give them a little thank you gift. I enjoy buying those gifts.

It means keeping it simple. The old me over-did everything which is a recipe for disaster. You simply can't do it all and who the hell am I trying to impress anyway?

If you are kind, compassionate and grateful all year long you feel confident that you are doing just enough at the holidays. Your worst critic is yourself. Don't beat yourself up. ENJOY all the moments and take nothing for granted. So much of the what we do that overwhelms us is all about the "stuff." The "stuff" is not what's important.

These little nuggets are what's important.......

Wising you all a season of guilt free prep and an exceptionally Merry Christmas!

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