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Summer starts to slip away and the calendar reaches max capacity........

I can't not even believe I am going to write about this. Say it ain't so? But, reality is setting in. August is here and we approach the tail end of summer and Fall approaches. For us that means the calendar fills, and fills and fills..... before I know it I will start to utter those dreadful words..... "NO."

Learning how to say NO is HUGE. You have to strike balance and not sacrifice the important things. For me that is time at home with the family. Having lazy days where you putz around and do all the things you just have not been able to get to...... It's going to see a movie. Taking a nap. Reading a book. Playing a killer game of UNO or Scrabble. Cleaning and organizing a cupboard that has been the bane of your existence. COOKING! This time keeps me grounded. Not having it is simply not an option. With that comes having to say no to people. I don't find this hard anymore. I used to.

It also means an honest NO. Some people takes things very personally. I don't have time for that. However - I find honesty is always the best medicine regardless. I don't need to make up a boat load of excuses for why I can't do it. Often it's, "Hey, thanks for the offer.... I'm maxed out but catch you around the next time." People who know you, and appreciate you, appreciate honesty. They don't take it personal. If they do..... time to move on. For reals.

The flip side.... I also like a busy calendar. I love looking at it and seeing all the exciting things to come. For me, it's birthday celebrations, golf tournaments, a weekend away with my bestie, a trip to see family, a wedding, and of course our family trip to Mexico.

I mean, how lucky am I?

My message here... I used to struggle with this and so did the hubs. He quickly learned to defer to me to manage the calendar as I have no problem saying no. He is not so good at that. Like at all. He's the guy that buys $100 worth of wrapping paper and cookie dough from the kid that stops by and rings the door bell. So pick the calendar manager of the house..... set limits which means knowing your limits. Make time for you, just you, and your family. Now that's the real important stuff. Am I right?

NOTE: I am often asked how I manage my calendar. You might not want to know this but there is more than one.

  • OUTLOOK - This is the work schedule and anything Mon - FRI that I need to track.

  • COZI - by far my fave tool. The hubs found this gem and we put in place at least 3 years ago. It's an online calendar app we put everything in. With two of us travelling for work this was critical so we did not overlap or say YES when we were already booked.

  • The Paper Calendar - Yes, I have this too. I can't give it up. I keep it at my desk and just jot stuff down. It's like a checks and balances for me and thanks to my generous donations to ASPCA I have a beautiful one with furry friends on it every year.

Disclaimer: This approach is not for everyone..... some might say a bit obsessive but hey, it works for me.

Share your calendar management tricks and enjoy the rest of your summer ya'll. EMBRACE THE NO!

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