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New Year, New Me?

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

My last blog was December 14th. I am often baffled with how fast the time goes by. Seriously. It feels not that long ago that my niece Meghan was here visiting over New Year’s and we began to use the phrase “New Year, New Me.” Meaning..... New Year – I will work out more, eat better, and be kinder, blah, blah, blah… LOL. Just think of it..... It will be an ALL NEW ME!! (Sinister laughter in background)

This year was tremendous. It really was. So many really cool things happened. So very much to be grateful for. When you really sit back and reflect and go through your camera roll on your iPhone it really is remarkable. So many milestones, special moments, triumphs, and joy. My most memorable…..

  • My niece, graduated high school, went to college for the first time, and made the DEAN’s list. That’s badass. I tried to get her to go to Meredith after we toured the campus. I think when I asked the Admissions Counselor if I could go there too I may have scared her away. Hee hee!

  • The hubs had an early mid-life crisis and bought a new “sports” car. I now have a car payment. BOOOOO. But he’s happy. He even started a new job and left his old one of 8 years. That made for a period of change in this house which I think we have finally adjusted to.

  • I hosted a sister’s weekend for my Aunt’s and Mom. What a wonderful reunion and way to come together after the loss of their Mom, my Gram. We made homemade pierogis and I surprised them with a quick photo shoot to capture the memory.

  • We did a trip to Hershey, PA with the Ventura clan. A first for me and the kids. We made chocolate bars and swam indoors. Odd combo, but fun.

  • The kids played golf, soccer, had countless plays date’s and movie screenings. My girl started MIDDLE SCHOOL, was in a play where she sang and danced. Never thought I would see that day! Nicholas worked his way up to high blue belt in TKD and started to find his feet on the soccer field, AND made his First Communion. NOTE: Shameless plug…. My girl also won the Junior Golf Championship in her age bracket. MAJOR proud Momma moment.

  • The hubs and I went to what I think was our 10th Indy 500 and celebrated our 12th anniversary. Our fave weekend of the year!

  • We spent a week over July 4th in the NC mountains with my side of the family. Lots of time with my Mom and Step Dad, bro’s, and cousin time for the kiddos. We made memories for sure.

  • We took our first “real” family vacation in Cancun, Mexico and had, literally, the vacation of a lifetime.

  • My bestie, Nikki, came to visit me for my Birthday. Best birthday present ever.

  • Despite my crazy anxiety over family pics…. We FINALLY did it after 5 plus years. Special thanks to Audrey (Rose Trail Images) for creating a miracle in less than 15 minutes. We loved the results. Most of all we captured a pic of the FULL family, 3 pooches and all. I am beyond grateful we captured those pics given I lost my Max on January 2nd. It has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I would give anything to have that dog back but I can look at that family pic all the time and know he is forever a part of our family.

  • My Stepdad, with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, went into remission. What? Yes – remission. Miracles do happen.

  • We spent Easter at the beach. We hosted Thanksgiving. We celebrated THANKSMAS (in between Thanksgiving and Christmas) in NY. Yes – we created a holiday. Why not? It was my first time to upstate NY for the holidays in years.

  • We ended the year in the Outerbanks (our first trip) with great friends. They were gracious enough to invite us to their family home on the water. Beautiful! Tons of fun and laughter and of course food and drink in abundance. Thank you Allen's!!!

  • LASTLY – I started this crazy adventure….. Connecting the Dots. It has given me so much. It far exceeded my expectations. I found a love of writing in these blogs, a passion for retail that was instilled in me by my Mom’s years in the family business. I have met some very inspiring entrepreneurs. My daughter got involved and started her own slime business and helps me manage our small retail booth. That experience has been priceless. Most of all it has brought me so much joy. It proved to me I could do anything I set my mind to. Life is happening all around us. You have to get in on the action!

So as I ponder NEW YEAR, NEW ME…. I’ve decided I like ME. I love my life. I have worked so hard to get to this “me” and I sure as hell am not changing that now.


I hope you all take time to reflect on your 2018 and recall all the precious moments. Good year, bad year, ok year…… doesn’t matter. It was YOUR year and think about how much you have to look forward to. REMIND yourself to enjoy ALL the moments. If you do JUST that in 2019 you are going be blessed in more ways than you know. Trust me.

A special thanks to all the Connecting the Dots followers and supporters. Every read, share, like, and stops by the booth means more than you will every know.

Happy 2019 ya'll!!

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