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Livin' the Dream

Hi ya'll.... I am using this blog today to shamelessly plug one of our close family friends. She might not know it yet but she was BORN to be a photographer. She has a gift. After almost 6 years we gave in and did family pics this week. Let's be clear.... we don't like getting our pics taken. I think we cancelled 3 times over the last couple years. Literally.

I get a really weird level of anxiety just thinking about it. Our wedding photo's... MEH. We don't look natural and we did not want to be doing it.... and it shows.

Enter Audrey of Rose Trail Images. OHHHHH do we love her! We chose to take our pics at home base. It's who we are... it's where we love to be. It's where we are COMFORTABLE. She brought us to the woods behind our house and we were instantly comfortable. In less than 10 minutes we laughed, had fun, and the results were incredible. She magically captured us and made memories in less than 10 minutes. Who can do that?

She was given a gift. She decided to ditch her career as a teacher and chase this dream of being a photographer. Every person who is lucky enough to end up in front of her lens is grateful, has fun, and most importantly is encouraged to be themselves. How cool is that?

I ponder this as spend ALL my free time nurturing my hobby/dream: this site, my retail space, connecting with people, encouraging entrepreneurship and being grateful for every bit of it.

Chase your dreams folks. Don't waste another minute.

Here are some sneak peeks of our session. If you know us, you clearly see this captured this crazy crew and our life PERFECTLY.

Thanks you Rose Trail Images for the pics and the inspiration.

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