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Feeling Stuck

We often go through periods where we feel stuck. Ya'll know what I am talking about? It has happened to me a few times in the last decade and when it does I feel more prepared for it but this one really has me struggling a bit. Yep damn it, I'm stuck.

First, why do we get stuck? I think's it different for everyone.... we all have our own version of being stuck.

- Bored professionally

- Overwhelmed with day to day responsibilities

- Feeling like nothing changes and monotony is not your friend

- Feeling hopeless or wondering if you are having impact on others around you the way you would like

- Things your doing start to feel forced

In a nutshell for me it is a little bit of all of that but ultimately I reach a point where I feel like I am behaving in a way that is not "me," and I begin thinking my life should be different.

Let's be clear. Life is damn good for the most part. I am incredibly grateful for an awesome hub and kids and family and friends that are solid. My life is filled with a lot of joy. But when one piece feels "off" everything fractures a bit.

For those of you who know me well, you know I am always on the move. I like to keep busy and I like to be inspired. Getting bored is the WORST. I like to always have something to sink my teeth into, like this blog and my retail space. But those are hobbies. Professionally I have been very successful but I am finally admitting to myself that I am bored...... Like REAL bored with what I do. I won't bore you with what I do, it's irrelevant. What is relevant is I need a new challenge and/or new direction.

What surprises me is when I get stuck I start to avoid the things that make me happy, bring me joy.... especially things that are for ME. WHY is that? Mind boggling. That HAS to stop.

So, how do you get unstuck? That's the million dollar question. I wrestle with "doing my best and finding peace with what you have." BUT why do I have to settle? Author Jen Sincero writes in her book "YOU ARE A BADASS," that we need to expand our beliefs about what is available to us in all areas of life. I need to remind myself of that. So - to answer the do I get unstuck?

- I write, like on here now, like right now. It brings me so much clarity. It's an outlet.

- I remind myself of all the positive things/forces in my life. The people who are important to me and how they influence, support me.

- I talk about it. Probably too much for husbands taste.

- I refocus, one step at a time and look at how I can adjust my thinking and start to tackle one thing at time. AND STOP dwelling.... tell myself there is not room to complain if I am not doing anything about it! It's the like the person that never votes in an election and bitches about the elected officials. Am I right? I need to be actively engaged in CHANGING the mindset.

So that's my focus.... getting unstuck and knowing it won't happen overnight.

I would love to hear from ya'll about how you get stuck and what you do to get unstuck. SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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