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Best Trip Ever

It has been FAR too long since I blogged and for that I must apologize… at least to those of you who like to listen to me! I missed this for sure.

It has been a hectic time of year and my kids completed their first quarter of 3rd and 6th grades and we headed to Cancun, Mexico on our first “real” family vacation. I say “real” because our family vacations have consisted of renting beach houses or going to visit family since they were born. The only exception was Disney, 3 years ago, but Disney is EXHAUSTING and ALL about the kids. LOL

We took this trip in honor of my Gram who passed away a little over a year ago. She left each grandchild some money and I felt strongly we would use it in a way that would honor her. I struggled to find the right thing when my brilliant Mom said.... "take your family on a trip." There is nothing my grandmother loved more than travelling with family. Yes!! That was it!

We settled on a resort in Cancun that I had always wanted to try and after careful review of YouTube video’s I got sign off from the rest of the my crew.

Off we were – passports in hand. We had no expectations other than to chill out and relax, have fun, and enjoy the “unplugged” down time.

I would swear my Gram sprinkled some magical dust on us from above as it far exceeded our expectations and we were planning our next trip back before we even left. We had such an incredible time together and did some amazing things but had lots of down time too. Everyone got to do something they enjoyed, we laughed to exhaustion and no one complained…... Well expect for my son who hates eating out and begged for room service all the time. LOL

Here are some of my favorite snapshots.

When we woke on our last day we knew the impending doom of going home was lurking and we agreed we the "let down" would sink in. INSTEAD we agreed….. Let’s treat today like it is our first day here and be super grateful.

We did just that. We came home on cloud nine and fully recharged. Really, the first time I truly felt recharged and not exhausted post vacation. I swear it brought us all closer together and we made memories we will talk about forever.

I thank my Grandmother for this incredible opportunity and for what it taught me. Family is everything and we do not take nearly enough time to enjoy each other like this. I am committed to doing more of this. I highly recommend you find that trip or that thing that brings it all together for you, embrace the crap out of it, and most importantly don’t be sad when it’s over – be grateful for the opportunity and take the experience with you and live each day to the fullest. Sounds silly and simple but I will be 45 years old this week and it took me a bit to get there. Working every damn day to be grateful and enjoy each moment is literally becoming my passion...... and boy do I have the BEST FAMILY ever to do that with!

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