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2020 - New Year, New Perspective

So 2020 is here. Phew that did not waste any time getting here. I was looking back at my "Surviving the Holidays" blog and am pretty darn pleased with myself. I practiced what I preached.

That said it was mixed bag of emotion in December with the fun and festivities of Christmas and the kids being off from school. In the midst of it all we lost a dear family friend to cancer and my son and I were in a horrible car crash that terrified us both. We are beyond grateful to have walked away but I am still hanging on to it. It's hard to describe...... I moved in and out of sadness, anger, and frustration....... I literally spent a couple weeks on an emotional roller coaster of emotions while replaying it in my head over and over. This type of trauma gives you a good deal of perspective. I am down a car and in a much better place today but, wow. That one shook me.

So it's a new year and I am not looking for a new me. I like me and am quite proud of the work I have done to get to this me. What I have been thinking alot about is perspective. It is strange the way the universe works. Are we intentionally thrown some signs to help adjust our thinking? Find better perspective? To change some things you've been thinking about changing, but have not have the courage? I've pondered this so much lately. I am making some changes and doubling up on therapy. The month of December kicked my butt and my old friend anxiety decided to be the house guest that won't leave. So I'm working on it and not beating myself up. That is the point right? The anxiety never goes away. I have learned how to manage it but sometimes life it just too much and it reminds you it's still there, and I always say....... I have to embrace my magic.

So my fresh perspective has me looking at 2020 like...... I got this. I'm alive and breathing. I know how to manage the anxiety stuff even when life beats me down a bit. Life is pretty good when all is said and done. How do I take this and kill this year. I'm definitely not a resolution girl. That is like asking myself to fail. LOL. They never stick. So do I set goals?

I'm thinking more mindset goals:

- Stay focused on being grateful, the positive

- Make the important things important - don't just talk about it.

- Stop fighting change. The things I talk about changing, all the time. STOP talking. DO.

- Embrace crying. I did a lot of it in December and based on the article I posted last week it's good for me. Phew.

- Do the hard things. Don't take the easy way out. This is different than saying NO to things. It's doing things outside my comfort zone.

- Continue to do the things I enjoy. That includes the JUST ME things.

- OH and...... get a hot tub. For reals. It's happening.

My final note is one of gratitude. I am so grateful for all of you that follow this blog and my social media accounts..... and of course the locals who shop my booth. The support is incredible and it most certainly has exceeded my expectations. I mean.... this is a hobby. Literally. I had such a great year with the booth I re-signed for another year and am super excited about some new products I will be featuring. I will also continue to feature entrepreneurial stories that inspire and stay tuned for an event I am co-hosting in February with two other really cool chicks living their entrepreneurial dream!

Happy New Year ya'll!! Don't just make this your best year, make it your best DECADE yet!

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