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That Summer Feeling

My mother and daughter in Sunset Beach, FL. A girls weekend getaway!

Summer has rolled in to NC and it came in like a LION! So hot. But it has cooled down some and we now have those beautiful NC breezy, sunny days I love. As I say almost everyday to my hubs, "it's porch drinking weather." It's been a pretty hectic time, but good. I have not blogged in a while but I assure you it's all in my head. Just have to get it out there when I make the time.

First, my booth at The Cotton Company has been an incredible experience for me. The space is doing very well. I have a hobby that makes me some extra cash. What's to complain about? I am bringing in some new products this summer so keep your eyes peeled. I will continue to stock the popular items like all natural dog treats, organic fair trade coffee, amazing all natural bath and body products, jewelry, and soy candles to name a few. If you are local and have not stopped by The Cotton Company, do yourself a favor and check it out. There are so many unique products and wonderful artisans featured.

Personally this is definitely a year of change for us. Kids are growing INSANELY fast. We are in our last week of school and after 5 weeks off they hit 4th and 7th grades. Yikes. The hubs changed jobs and after a challenging year, he deserved this one. GREAT company and great job for him. This is the home stretch to retirement and he picked the right place at the right time. No doubt.

We put down my precious Max in January and adopted our newest rescue, Boone. This dog is not only ridiculously cute but super fun and playful. He is bringing us so much joy and yes, he can be a pain in the butt too. He's young. Wouldn't trade him for the world and if I have not mentioned it before...... ADOPT DON'T SHOP!!

Boone, approx. 1 years old!

We celebrated 13 years of marriage in June and went to our 10th Indy 500 together. That feels really cool and our Indy tradition means more and more to us each year. FAVE weekend of the year, hands down.

I feel like i am in transition myself trying to figure out my next chapter. I'm writing my story as I go but lately I have really been giving the future a good deal of thought. Do I want to stick with this "corporate career" thing? What else is out there for me? Starting my own business? Taking Connecting the Dots to the next level?Feeling like the world is my oyster right now but need to get clear on what that next step is. I am looking for the signs! Give me the signs!!!

In summary. I am beyond blessed. Life is pretty damn good. So what's next here? New inventory to the booth and new businesses to promote. I'll continue my "Where's the Beef" series on nutrition. I will also have some guest blogging, starting with a Mompreneur who will be covering fair trade and woman artisans. This will be a must read. Lastly, I will continue to write about mental illness and my personal journey with anxiety.

Keep coming back ya'll. Like and Share! I love you for it and it keeps me motivated!

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