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Don't Hide Your Magic

My last blog post I received a comment from a family friend on a post. It meant the world to me simply because my sharing and opening up about my “stuff” meant something to someone else. She could relate. It encouraged her. THIS IS WHY I DO THIS. I was so thrilled, not just for me..... because of how it inspires me to keep going. Thrilled because it spoke to her and just like I had no clue that she had struggled with anxiety, she had NO clue I had either.

One of her comments………..”I struggle with anxiety and do my best to cover it and look like I have it all together but the truth is I often feel overwhelmed”

This hits home…. For years I “pretended” and did my best to cover up what was internally

going on. Looking back now maybe it was in part for perception…. I wanted people to think I had it all together but mostly because I wanted to be “normal.” It can’t be normal to be like this? Why does everything overwhelm me? Why can’t I stop writing to do lists and lying awake thinking about the ALL that needs to be done. Why am pulling myself in so many different directions just so I can breathe and “accomplish” things just to find out there are always things to accomplish when you are trying to be perfect and control your environment.

I have learned so much since then. I have learned to recognize it, embrace it and NOT HIDE MY MAGIC. When all is said and done my anxiety plays a big role in who I am. It’s my magic.

Ask for help. This is soooooo important. I got help, you know, the professional kind. I figured out how to manage the anxiety. I learned to talk about it with the ones I love and trust. I "tap out." I let things go. All these tools/tricks I have talked about in my blogs. These are the things that really help you embrace your magic. Understand your magic. Be the beautiful UNICORN that you are!

My journey has changed my life in more ways that I could have imagined. I can live each day to the fullest and with joy. I don’t beat myself up for things that don’t matter. I am grateful for everything. I have better relationships. I’m more social and open. I want to share. The anxiety is still there. It’s just not in CONTROL, and yep I still have bad days. Bad days remind me how far I have come. Don't fear the bad days. This is life. It's all part of the journey.

I BEG of you…. Embrace all that is special about you. Talk about it. Shout it from the rooftops! You will be surprised how many people around you have similar struggles and can relate. Be OK with imperfection and let people see it. If you’re still struggling, seek help.

Do the universe a favor, don’t hide your magic!

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